Fool proof, natural makeup… My go to, no makeup makeup trick!

I believe that some days are just a total waste of makeup. Kind of like those days when changing out of your sweats or pjs is just pointless. Sometimes I like to let my skin breathe. But like anyone else, I have those bad skin days when not wearing makeup isn’t always the best look for me. And then of course, some days I just like to fake it when I’m feeling too lazy to put on a full face or I’m simply in a rush. So of course, on those days, it does take some make up to make it look like you’re not wearing any. I mean, let’s be honest, the “natural” makeup look is trending right now but we all know it still requires more makeup than it lets on. Even those models in the Sports Illustrated swim mag prancing around on the beach, or rolling in the waves have makeup on. It’s not all just natural beauty or even airbrushing!

So with that, I’m going to share some of my favorite products I use to create this look.

First, we all know by now of the BB creams. Heavier than a tinted moisturizer but lighter than foundation, etc. So I’ve tried many different brands of BB creams but I found I really like Maybelline’s dream fresh BB cream. It is light and fresh, it blends very evenly and it even leaves my skin with a little hint of that “dewy” look which is perfect for when you’re trying to look natural but yet it covers enough to even out my skin tone.

Next, to widen the appearance of my eyes, I like mascara in either black or black brown. If your lashes are lighter go for a brown hue- it will look more natural. The trick is to apply it starting at the very base of your lashes. The thicker it is there, the more it will give the appearance of wearing liner so really focus on the base of your lashes and lightly coat the rest- just enough to fan them out and make your eyes look more awake. (I like Clinique’s high impact mascara in black.)

On the subject of eyes, like I’ve posted before, a friend let me in on this product and I’ve been in love ever since. Garnier’s skin renew under eye, dark circle roller is genius. Just roll a swipe under the eyes and dab with a finger to blend. Instantly my eyes look brighter and less puffy.

Next and lastly, you want a natural flush. Use a blush that mimics your natural cheek color. To find this, pinch your cheeks and then match your blush to whatever shade of pink or red or rose it turns. Apply the blush on the outer ends of your apples and angled slightly up your cheek bones. Take two fingers and place them right beside your nose on each side and then apply blush. This way, you get a very even flush and a more natural one since your cheeks don’t flush that close to your nose naturally.

And that it’s…easy, quick and fresh makeup fool proof enough to fake out anyone who might question you.

xxx SSG