Pink & Chambray is always a good idea

True test of style…wearing a dress I wore seven years ago when I was 15. Still fits and still as stylish! Pink and chambray :) happy Tuesday lovelies!

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Embrace Messy Hair

Don’t have time to get your hair perfect, yeah, we’ve all been there… Don’t want to look like you tried too hard but still fresh? Been there too! Two simple ways to embrace messy hair, up or down. Easy as pie!

First, if you’re seriously out of time or just can’t get your hair to work with you, don’t have time to wash or dry, do not panic. Remember when you were a kid and the topsy-tail was in? Yeah well I’m here to tell you to bring it back! Keep working that look down your pony to get this look and then pull it apart with your fingers to give it a little extra mess. Spray and go!

Next, rock the messy waves. Use a larger barrel curling iron (1 1/2 in or 2 in) and just slightly curl your hair in pieces- leaving the ends straight. Mess with fingers and spray. Use a texturing spray (I like Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray) to spritz as a final touch and then shake it out.

Easy as ever. Pretty messy hair in no time.

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All About the Hair

If you are anything like me, when it comes to hair, you want it all. When I have a good hair day, I have a good day period! I like using hair products, but I also like to keep my hair healthy so I am pretty picky about what I use. Soooo, I am going to share a few of my favorite styling products with you!

First, Big Sexy Hair makes a ton on different products. I haven’t tried many of them but I do like the Spray & Stay All Nighter hair spray. Let me tell you, it will last you through an all nighter for sure! It holds extremely well. However, on the down side, it doesn’t smell the best and it can make your hair a tad stiff. But if you want it to seriously stay, give it a try! I like using this when I’m rocking the bun look especially. It keeps those little fly aways and wispies that stick out in place.

Next, I like Dove Style+Care extra hold hair spray. A friend reccomended this to me and I love it now! It smells wonderfullll, it is inexpensive and it really holds your hair in place! It isn’t stiff or sticky unless you use too much of course.

Since I value healthy hair, some times I like to splurge for the top brands. I love anything by Aveda, and not only for the amazing smell! Aveda’s volumizing tonic spray is an oil based product that you spray lightly on your roots when your hair is still a little damp and you haven’t yet finished styling. A little bit of this goes a long way. I like to stop over half way through my blow dry to spritz some on my roots, flip my head over and finish drying. I get a lot of natural looking volume by doing this. Very much reccomended!

Lastly, because my hair stylist uses Moroccan Oil, I have began to use their products myself. First, they also smell amazing! I don’t know what it is about smells and hair products but if I’m spraying anything that close to my head and face, I guess I just prefer it to smell nice. Not to mention, you’ll be getting whiffs of your hair throughtout that day and I firmly beleive scents can alter your mood. Two of my favorite Moroccan Oil products are the oil, and the Luminous Strong Flexible Hold hair spray. First, I use just about a nickle size of the oil on my damp hair and even on my dry hair after I have finished drying some days when I’m feeling a little dry. It doesn’t make your hair oily or slick but healthy, sleek and shiny. The hair spray is a lot less intense than the other two aforementioned hair sprays. What I like about this is that it’s very super flexible. It is in no way sticky or stiff. I love using this on straight or loose waves because it allows them to still have bounce.

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Sock Bun Fun

Lately the sock bun trend has become beyond popular and it seems like every time I’m on Pinterest there’s a new “easy” tutorial for it. Well let me tell you. I’m a pretty crafty and creative person and usually greatttt with hair but this concept baffles me! For the longest time I could not understand how it works. So tonight, my lovely sister and I decided to give it a try. We looked up several tutorials and tried to make our own that was pretty step by step. So here it is, our sock bun fun adventure!

First, take a sock and cut the toe off so it is more like a tube. Then, roll it so it forms a doughnut like thing. Put your hair into your desired pony height and secure it. Put the hair of the pony thru the hole of the sock. Bring it down to your hair tie. Then slide it up the pony to the ends. Curl the end of your pony over the doughnut sock thingy and begin to roll the sock down. The hair should catch in the sock and roll with it. Warning- it will feel and look like a hot mess at first bit keep at it! You’ll have to do some maintenance with bobbi pins to secure it just right most likely or you’ll have to spread your hair around the doughnut to make sure no sock is showing. Pin and spray that beautiful bun with hairspray- a girl’s best friend! And there you have it. Sock bun!




Hope this is helpful!
xxx SSG