DIY Wrapping Paper Ribbon

Ohh the wrapping season is upon us. Sometimes you’re in a rush, just not in the mood, lacking creative juices, or simply just ran out of matching ribbon! Well, no fear because for anyone who has ever wrapped before, you know you’re always left with those small scraps and strips of wrapping paper when you’re done. Good news, you can use those to make your own ribbon! It’s so easy and so quick and of course it looks super creative. A total win win if you ask me!

Anyways, take those scraps of paper, cut into strips, tags, whatever and curl them with scissors just like you would ribbon. Tie them together, tape them down in a festive way, or whatever else you can come up with- it’s up to you.

Happy wrapping!

xxx SSG



Sock Bun Fun

Lately the sock bun trend has become beyond popular and it seems like every time I’m on Pinterest there’s a new “easy” tutorial for it. Well let me tell you. I’m a pretty crafty and creative person and usually greatttt with hair but this concept baffles me! For the longest time I could not understand how it works. So tonight, my lovely sister and I decided to give it a try. We looked up several tutorials and tried to make our own that was pretty step by step. So here it is, our sock bun fun adventure!

First, take a sock and cut the toe off so it is more like a tube. Then, roll it so it forms a doughnut like thing. Put your hair into your desired pony height and secure it. Put the hair of the pony thru the hole of the sock. Bring it down to your hair tie. Then slide it up the pony to the ends. Curl the end of your pony over the doughnut sock thingy and begin to roll the sock down. The hair should catch in the sock and roll with it. Warning- it will feel and look like a hot mess at first bit keep at it! You’ll have to do some maintenance with bobbi pins to secure it just right most likely or you’ll have to spread your hair around the doughnut to make sure no sock is showing. Pin and spray that beautiful bun with hairspray- a girl’s best friend! And there you have it. Sock bun!




Hope this is helpful!
xxx SSG

Easy (and adorable) DIY MakeUp Storage

So as any girl, I Pinterest A LOT! I finally found time to craft something from my DIY board and I’m pretty excited about it! I love make up so naturally I have tonssss. I also love organization. And with that, I took some jars, the candy jar is from Hobby Lobby (only $6) and the other two are old candle jars. To make, take those candles with that tiny bit of wax left and pop ’em into the freezer. Once frozen, the wax will slip right out (you may need to crack it some depending on the shape of the jar). After that I just decorated them with some ribbon and lace I had lying around and voila! Crafty and adorable make up storage!

The tools:
Jars of your liking
Ribbon or decor of your liking
Hot glue gun (a crafty girl’s best friend)



xxx SSG