Mexican Egg in a Nest

Rise and shine! Sunday mornings for me are what I look forward to most weeks. I normally get to spend them with my sister so I always love to cook breakfast for us. This morning I was really inspired and was craving something with a kick to it…. So today I made a Mexican-inspired egg in a nest. Still somewhat healthy but a little indulgent as well! Here’s what I did:

Cut the center out of a piece of whole grain wheat toast (I use the bottom of a small cup to cut it out).
Place toast in frying pan and crack one large egg into it. I like to keep my yolk runny but that’s all up to you! Cook to your liking. Don’t forget to flip!
Slice up some cheese.. I used spicy habanero cheese for some serious kick. Melt on top of toast and egg.
Meanwhile, throw a slice of turkey breast in the frying pan and let it cook for about a minute or two.
Spread fresh avocado or guacamole like I did (also spicy!) and then add the slice of turkey breast over top.
Top with fresh tomato slices and some pepper and enjoy!

So easy and quick to make! It’s also very filling and looks great on Instagram ;)

xxx SSG


Breakfast Boost Smoothie

I fully believe that if you put good in, you get good out. Thus, whenever I have super long days and have to be up and at em early, I like to start the day off right with an extra healthy breakfast boost. Like today, not something I’m looking forward to. However, I made myself a delicious, super green smoothie with fruit and protein to get me going.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 fresh banana
Frozen strawberries
Coconut water
Almond or soy milk
Chia seeds
Maca powder
Ground flax seed
Splash of lemon juice
Handful of baby spinach leaves
Super food greens powder
Raw vegan vanilla protein powder

Blend desired amounts of ingredients until smooth and enjoy!

xxx SSG


Steel Cut Oatmeal with Goji Berries and Pecans

Good morning! I always like to start my day with something wholesome and healthy. Since it has been getting colder, I have been opting for steel cut oats in the morning. I like to mix it up and add in different things here and there. My favorite is goji berries, which is a Himalayan superfood, and chopped raw pecans. You can always add in almonds, walnuts, or any other raw nuts, dried cranberries or fresh berries, chia seeds or flax seed oil and the list goes on… I like to use Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats.

To cook:
Bring 3 cups water to a boil
Add 1/4 tsp salt
1 cup oats
Reduce to low heat and cook for 10 minutes ( al dente) to 20 minutes (creamy)