It was all sparkles at the CMT awards this week!

This past week the CMT Awards aired and half of the show is all about the fashion as we all know. Well this year, no surprise, all that glitters must have been the theme of the night! While many stars looked good- and some not so great- here are a few that I think totally got it right.

First, let’s start by noticing that Kacey Musgraves is giving Carrie Underwood’s legs a run for their money. Holy smokes girl, look out! Anyways, here’s why she got it right. When it comes to short mini dresses like that, especially with so much sparkle it’s best to leave a little to the imagination. Hence, the sleeves. I love that the dress is still super sexy but not showing too much- Drawing attention to her amazing legs. Which brings me to my next point. Nude strappy shoes were perfect. Elongates her legs and doesn’t over do or compete with the dress. Nicely done gal!

Next up, AnnaSophia Robb looked equally as darling in a sparkly mini dress. I love the cut of the neck which really shows off her arms and the detail on the hem on the dress adds such a nice touch. Again, simple but pretty shoes don’t distract from her dress. Her hair is up and back which also allows the dress to speak for itself. Very pretty!

Kellie Pickler….. All I have to say is, wow! We should all be on Dancing With The Stars if her body is looking that good. Fun and sexy all the way in this dress. Her arms deserve a buckle of their own! Ow ow.

Last but not least, Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town. I love this black and nude dress on her. Her style has definitely evolved over the years. This dress is fun and sophisticated but is also really pretty. The shoes pair perfectly with this too. It’s a tad longer and her shoes are not too high but simple and elegant matching the tone of the dress. Her hair is down with soft textured waves which gives the look a more relaxed feel. She nailed it! Jealous :)

xxx SSG


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