The Varsity Jacket trend is a “DO”

One of the big trends this year that has been popping up in several magazines, is the Varsity Jacket look. Several celebrities have been spotted rocking this look and as Glamour magazine puts it, this look is a definite DO! I myself really like this look. This is a cool, laid back look that pairs perfectly with denim- perfect for when you want to look good and on trend but not too over dressed. If you can’t picture how to rock this look, take a few cues from some chic celebs seen sporting it such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and even the leading boys of One Direction…which proves that this look can be both feminine and masculine, also supporting the trend of the “boyfriend” look. I mean really, you can’t go wrong here!

As seen below, Taylor Swift gets my vote for “best dressed” (thank you, E! News’ Fashion Police) who totally rocked this trend by pairing her varsity jacket with cute shorts, a simple tee, and of course pearls and ray bans- only giving her extra coolness points. Way to go, Taylor!

Also, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have been spotted with the same classic black and white Simone Varisty Bomber jacket. Although this trend is usually worn as oversized, again the “boyfriend” look, Kim K and Miley show how to work the cropped-style bomber jacket. Both of these ladies, who obviously have very different styles, pull this look off so well which is another reason this trend is a DO.

Not to forget, Rihanna gets ultra trendy with a plaid, lettered jacket by Carhartt + A.P.C. as well.

If you like the cropped Simone jacket, it is a bit pricey but check out to find it there! Also, try other trend stores that will have cheaper versions such as Forever21. And if you prefer Taylor and Rihanna’s look better, try checking out the Varsity wool jacket by French Connection at

The best way to wear these jackets is to follow one rule- keep the rest of your outfit simple. Make this your statement piece. Take a cue from Taylor who went totally casual with her outfit and let the jacket speak for itself. You can’t really go wrong when pairing this look with denim or simple skinnies. Shorts or a cute mini skirt also look chic but always remember to keep it simple.

Stay cool,

xxx SSG




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