A Gift That Keeps on Giving: Diamond Candles

With the holidays coming up and parties to attend, a traditional candle is always a good gift and will do the trick, but what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? With Diamond Candles, you can still give your girlfriends, family members, party hosts, and more, a candle with a little extra sparkle in it- literally! Diamond Candles are all natural, highly fragrant, soy candles that actually have a diamond ring inside. The rings range from a minimum of $10 to $5,000! Knowing that you’ll get a nice surprise will make you want to have the candle burning all hours of the day!

The candles come in all sorts of flavors such as cinnamon pinecones, brown sugar pudding, mistletoe, and even cuddle if you’re looking for holiday scents. Or, for any other time of the year, they have tons of unique scents as well that will have you wanting to buy them all! ($24.95)

Check them out at http://www.diamondcandles.com

Also seen on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda.

xxx SSG



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