Easy (and adorable) DIY MakeUp Storage

So as any girl, I Pinterest A LOT! I finally found time to craft something from my DIY board and I’m pretty excited about it! I love make up so naturally I have tonssss. I also love organization. And with that, I took some jars, the candy jar is from Hobby Lobby (only $6) and the other two are old candle jars. To make, take those candles with that tiny bit of wax left and pop ’em into the freezer. Once frozen, the wax will slip right out (you may need to crack it some depending on the shape of the jar). After that I just decorated them with some ribbon and lace I had lying around and voila! Crafty and adorable make up storage!

The tools:
Jars of your liking
Ribbon or decor of your liking
Hot glue gun (a crafty girl’s best friend)



xxx SSG

5 thoughts on “Easy (and adorable) DIY MakeUp Storage

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