DIY Elf Door Sign

While I was at Hobby Lobby today, I came across the holiday section… Oh boy was I delighted! Also I was dying to craft everything and anything. Luckily I had some self control… Sort of. I decided to skip the big projects for now when I came across this cute little wooden Elf sign. It was only $4.99 (half off, a sale which I couldn’t pass up). I thought it would be a quick and fun craft to hang on the back door. I hate leaving that door empty since that’s the door most people use anyways! So I found some other fixings (also half off, yay!) and went home and got to work!

Basically, all I did was take black puff paint and write our family name on it. I found a thick, sparkly ribbon and made the bow. The jingle bells, also from HL and only $3.99 (again, half off) and the gold string to hang them only $2.99. The strings, I cut different lengths to give it some personality, and then simply hot glued the ends to the back and then covered with a small piece of heavy duty tape to ensure they were secured. Easy as pie!


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