Brighten Up

So it wasn’t one of those mornings today, but it was definitely early. Personally, I like that five extra minutes of sleep so the snooze button it is! However, I like when I also look fresh too. It’s a tricky compromise but luckily I have found some cheap beauty thrills that help me out especially when I am in a rush!

First, compliments to my best friend, I have come to love this Garnier eye roller! First, it has a cold metal ball applicator which feels amazing under the eyes (and even right under the brow). Second, it’s tinted so it helps to hide those “dark circles” or purple-y tint and give you a nice fresh glow. And of course it’s packed with caffeine and vitamins which help to decrease any puffiness.

Next, compliments to my sister, this Loreal Magic Lumi primer helps to brighten things up as well. I like to just dab a little on my upper cheek bones and along the bottom to outside corner of my eyes. It gives me a quick glow and a highlight making me look more refreshed. Other days, I’ll mix it with my daily face lotion to give me that extra glow when I don’t want to wear makeup. (Perfect with some pink lip balm and a touch of mascara!)


xxx SSG